Supports Multiple recorder OEMs. Fastest Way to analyze FDR Data.

KGB Aviation Solutions' best-in-class proprietary flight data recorder analysis software is the fastest way to complete this task and allows engineers the ability to review the data in meaningful values at a cost below our competitors.


  • We have hundreds of databases as well as the required databases to convert the raw data into engineering units
  • We can convert the data from multiple Flight Data Recorder OEMs so if you have several different recorder manufacturers in your fleet, you can use our software, build one database and import the data from all of these different recorder manufacturers - saving you time and money
  • No third party software necessary
  • Our software can analyze flight data recorder information from a variety of software packages including: ROSE, Honeywell Aerospace, ADRAS, FireFly and others
  • The data can be displayed in graphs and tabular format. We can export this data and there are several built in “automation” features when it comes to quickly generating a report for engineering review
Contact Us today for a demonstration, quote or more information to start enjoying the most comprehensive flight data recorder analysis software in the industry.
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