Meet Your Regulatory Agency’s Requirements With Readout Reports.

KGB Aviation Solutions has extensive experience in flight data recorder analysis.
Our readout service has been designed for customers that are complying with their government regulatory agency. The readout service is easily adaptable to conform to any regulatory agency’s requirement including the FAA, CAA, EASA, CAAC, CAAS and other regulations.
Our customers have used KGB’sreadout reports for type change certificates meeting the scrutiny of the FAA.
We specialize in the difficult and one off installations where flight data documentation is either incomplete or unavailable. We can help our customers create a complete correlation document and also develop a custom database for the operators to have on file.

We offer the following readout service

Database Development:Currently KGB Aviation Solutions provides flight data recorder transcriptions and database development in two software packages, MAGS (AACO’s product) and ROSE (L-3 Communications’ product). Learn More
On-site Integration:KGB Aviation Solutions offers on-site integration services to ensure operators are in full compliance with their flight data recorder requirements. Our engineers can be onsite to support the installation of your Flight Data Recorder. Learn More

Each flight data recorder analysis readout report contains:

A summary sheet: providing a judgment on the reasonableness of the recorded data.
A graphing document: shows parameter response over one full flight in a quick glance. Each graph is labeled and referenced to the summary sheet for fast correlation and easy proof of compliance.
Excel data: provides detailed parameter values correlating to both the summary sheet and the graphing document
This complete report provides the operator or the maintenance facility an easy way to quickly determine if any action is required and if so, the most efficient course of action.
You can send your files with peace of mind knowing that KGB uses a secure FTP site. Customers are assigned their private file for raw data transfer and retrieval of final flight data reports. KGB’s secure site file transmissions are monitored for 24/7 submission and files are time-stamped and are auto-system generated providing customers the fastest turnaround time possible.
Contact Us today to see how you can put KGB’s best in class flight data recorder analysis expertise to work for you.

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