27 Years of Experience Creating Databases Used by OEMs, Operators and the NTSB

Currently KGB Aviation Solutions provides flight data recorder transcriptions and database development in two software packages, MAGS (AACO’s product) and ROSE (L-3 Communications’ product). If you have a mixed fleet of flight recorders, you will want your databases developed in MAGS as this software will accept data from L-3, Honeywell, Universal, Lockheed, Plessey and the new Boeing 787 GE Flight Data Recorders.
Unlike our competitors, MAGS utilizes a text database, which allows databases to be developed very quickly, accurately and uniformly between parameters. This means that only one line needs to be entered for a multiple-sampled parameter and then using a good text editor the parameter can be copied seven times with just a few clicks on the keyboard. Each sample can have the word locations changed in a matter of seconds. This innovation saves time and the possibility of errors when inputting your flight data.
See the sample of vertical acceleration below:
Our engineers have years’ worth of experience with flight data recorder transcriptions and recording systems, which gives us a very unique database skill set. Our database development ranges from ARINC 542, 542A, 573,717 and military databases employing 429 and 1553 data types. The data rates are up to 2048 wps at 16 bits per word. Our database service has been employed by flight data recorders manufacturers, airframe manufacturers, aircraft operators and militaries around the world.
KGB’s engineers previously held secret security clearance and have received ITAR training.
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